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AsEstilo was born on May 8, 2006 and was originally released in Spanish under the name of Asemoda, which stands for “Asesoría de Moda” or Fashion Advice in English. As the fashion business idea matured, the small internet project realized that there was much more than just fashion to care for. Therefore was closed and a new site was launched in 2008; its name, [1]. The new name now stands for “Asesoría de Estilo” or Style Advice; the English version for the new release was named [2].

Although fashion looks, ideas and suggestions can be found all over the site, the style concept is what really caught AsEstilo's attention. AsEstilo believes that everybody has a style and that this 'word' should not represent a stage reserved for celebrities and wealthy people only.

Understanding that everybody has different likes and tastes in life, AsEstilo developed a basic style classification system to identify what style best fits each person. With the results in hand, the person will then be able to find the clothing that will better suit her/him according to the event or occasion. The five basic categories are: Classic, Exotic, Formal, Modern and Sporty.

At this point, AsEstilo is not directly selling, delivering or shipping products to or from any country; nevertheless AsEstilo is proud to be affiliated to nearly 80 brands that perform these tasks with the customers. Because of this business relationship AsEstilo added the word 'Store' to its brand name to indicate the commercial side of the website.

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