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The Flip Side of Oz
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Name The Flip Side of Oz
Created 2010
Author Gracie
Origin USA
Style shoes, fashion, marriage, travel


The Flip Side of Oz is a budget friendly blog full of shoes, fashion, marriage and travel.

For years, Gracie received questions regarding where she was traveling next, what she was wearing and how she managed both so inexpensively. So, in early 2010 she began journaling her outfits and adventures to share with others. The Flip Side of Oz showcases a range of styles that are both trendy and affordable, and appropriate anywhere from the office to the airport. Gracie’s belief is that fashion should be fun, unique and fit within a budget that accommodates lots of adventures.

About Gracie

Gracie, blogger behind The Flip Side of Oz, is constantly on the move. By day, she is a retail professional and MBA student. By night, she is a blogger on an endless quest for shoes and her next travel destination. With her hubby by her side, Gracie is constantly planning their next big adventure whether it is around the corner to go shoe shopping or around the world.


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